Soon to be MSc in Engineering in Digital Media Engineering

About Me

I graduate start of July as a MSc in Engineering in Digital Media Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). I have a focus on user experience, and I possess a wide knowledge of IT from both my studies and my work. Especially at IBM where two projects never were the same which gave me a change to use my analytic skills to approach and find the most optimal solution for each project. I passionately use my knowledge and wide toolbox to create clever solutions, and if I don’t have the right tool I just see it as a challenge where I must expand my knowledge by learning something new.

My colleagues describe me as outgoing, team player, helpful, and always happy. I also see myself as punctual, structured, and taking responsibility.

My Skills

• Transforming user needs to technical solutions
• Close the gap between users and developers
• Programming in Python, Java, js & more
• UX Design
• App development
• Handling both happy and unhappy users

Contact Me

I prefer email, but you are more than welcome to call my cell.


Gentofte, Denmark